Dream State retains all ownership of the files and its contents, but grant you the permission to use the file as described below:

Acceptable usage of files:

+ Unlimited use of the files to create product for personal use.

+ Limited use of the files to create products for commercial use or resale. Uses are restricted to 100 uses per design. An extended license must be purchased to increase the number of uses.

+ Web use is allowed for personal projects on personal website, but must be protected from being copied.

Unacceptable usage of digital files:

+ Distributing files digitally without permission.

+ Designs must remain AS IS! Sharing for free, selling, or reselling our designs in parts is prohibited.

+ Altering any part of our files.

+ Cannot be sold as printables.


 We are NOT responsible for trademark violations if you purchase and sell a phrase which is trademarked in the category in which you are selling it. We advise you to properly and thoroughly research trademarks.


Dream State™ is not liable for any infringement or penalty that results from improper/illegal use. 


Dream State™ reserves the right to revoke or suspend these licensing privileges at any time, for any reason.